We are not a shop, we are a no Profit cultural association.

To support our activities, we organize up to two annual fundraisers, according to the third sector legislation in force in Italy, by selling products from our projects. If you buy something then remember that you are participating in a fundraiser.

For this reason we cannot offer the same conditions of sale as an online store, the right of withdrawal or returns or other is not envisaged, but we are committed to making you have what you have purchased in the shortest possible time, compatibly with the organization of our non-profit that it is based on the work of volunteers.


Shipping of physical items (books, CDs, ...) will be made through Poste Italiane by the Posta Prioritaria service which is a trackable shipping method. Contact us in case you are not receiving your items. We will take care of checking the problem with Poste Italiane and, if necessary, re-send the items or give you a refund.

Under no circumstances can we accept the refund request for different reasons, as it is not a sale but a fundraiser.

As a consequence of our status and the type of sale, the purchase receipt has no tax value.

As long as the downloadable products are concerned, pleas keep in mind that if you buy our products, you are doing it to support our activities. We ask you to respect the copyright of the product (if applicable). We ask you to avoid unauthorized duplication, distribution to others and, even worse, the online publication of the copyrighted material.

We also inform you that if the purchase is made by credit or debit card, we do not keep the data.

For any other question on the Privacy Policy, see the dedicated page.